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We Takeover Mortgage Payments in the Fraser Valley, BC

A seller who utilizes a take over mortgage payments in the Fraser Valley, BC Company benefits in many ways. You, the seller, are provided with immediate monthly cash flow management solutions to unmanageable or unwanted mortgage payments along with protecting any equity you may have in the property and protecting your credit until the Company pays off the mortgage.

Our Company, GVC Property Solutions Inc. (GVCPS), is a real estate investment Company that is headquartered in Vancouver, BC. We take over mortgage payments in the Fraser Valley, BC and the property associated with it. If you have been wondering “can someone take over my mortgage?”, our Company, GVCPS, can take over mortgages in the Fraser Valley, BC for any property type that includes; houses, duplexes, town homes, condos and multifamily residential projects that are any price, in any condition, any situation and in any location of the Fraser Valley, BC.

In a takeover mortgage payments contract in the Fraser Valley, BC, the two parties (the Seller and a Company), agree to the length of the term during which the mortgage payments are paid by the people who take over mortgage payments  in the Fraser Valley, BC as well as the terms of the sale including the purchase price.

People who take over mortgage payments in the Fraser Valley, BC are real estate investment Companies. These Companies are owned by professional real estate investors who take over mortgage payments in the Fraser Valley, BC that have decades of experience regardless of the seller’s situation and regardless of the real estate market conditions.

When Investors take over mortgage payments in the Fraser Valley, BC, there is a difference between assuming the mortgage and taking the property subject to the mortgage:

Assuming a Mortgage: If an investor wants to buy your house that has a mortgage, the mortgage lender may allow the investor to assume your mortgage. Simply stated, the lender replaces your name on the mortgage with the investor and the investor becomes legally responsible for making the monthly payments.

Subject to Mortgage: If an investor wants to buy your house subject to mortgage, the investor makes an agreement with you that the investor will make the mortgage payments.  In short, the existing financing that you have in place is taken over by the investor. This route is basically paying for the mortgage already in place through a written legal agreement with you.

Our Company provides flexible, pre-negotiated Terms that can give you the best value for your property and can provide you with more money with none of the hassles normally involved in selling.

In most cases, we take over the entire mortgage payment as well as all of your other monthly financial obligations regarding the property on your behalf that may include; property taxes, property insurance, monthly strata fees as well as any repair or maintenance costs.

When we buy houses on Terms through our Mortgage Take Over Program, you are provided with immediate monthly cash flow management solutions to unmanageable or unwanted mortgage payments along with protecting any equity you may have in the property and protecting your credit.

Our Company buys houses quickly with flexibility and convenience so you can move on from your situation with peace of mind. We know the real estate and mortgage industry and if you are facing one or more of the following difficulties, our Company can offer an immediate, professional and convenient solution:

  • Financial stress that requires an immediate sale of your property
  • You need relief from your mortgage or property situation for any reason
  • You have minimal equity but need to sell now
  • Your mortgage is higher than the property value
  • You need an immediate and flexible sale due to a job transfer or for any other reason
  • Your property has been listed with a Realtor for many months and hasn’t sold
  • You have a house that is too costly to maintain
  • You have a house that is too stressful to manage
  • You are tired of being a landlord and dealing with landlord tenant disputes, tenancy issues and tenant problems
  • You are having difficulty making your mortgage payments each month
  • You are making payments on two or more properties
  • You are facing PRE foreclosure
  • You want to avoid bankruptcy or a consumer proposal
  • You are an out of town owner and you don’t want to be a long distance landlord
  • Your property is in need of extensive repair that you do not have time or money for
  • You are divorcing and need to sell
  • Your listing has expired with your Realtor
  • You have a costly mortgage penalty but need to sell now
  • Your house is too big or too small and you need a convenient and flexible solution
  • Your strata property has Rental Restrictions and you are experiencing difficulty selling while paying mortgage payments on a vacant property
  • You prefer not to sell through a Realtor and be inconvenienced with Realtor showings
  • You are anxious to move to another property and do not want to list your property on MLS
  • You own your property free and clear and would like to acquire some of your equity now and the remainder of your equity at closing

If you are looking for a professional and experienced Real Estate Investment Company to buy your house, contact us, we buy houses and we also take over mortgage payments and the property associated with it in the Fraser Valley, BC. For more information, visit our website or call us 604-812-3718. Sell your house fast in the Fraser Vallery, BC in the most beneficial manner for everyone involved with no real estate fees or commissions and no hassles.