Please Take Over My Mortgage Payments

For 25 years, we have provided professional solutions to people who are having trouble paying their mortgage. We take over mortgage payments foreclosure and the houses associated with it for those who are having mortgage problems and require solutions. If you are searching for “Take Over My Mortgage Payments” online since hours then you just discovered the right page, we can relieve your financial stress and provide you with peace of mind when we take over your mortgage payments and the house associated with it so you can move on from the situation.

You don’t have to lie awake at night anymore worrying about the mortgage payments and the property. When we take over your mortgage payment, in most cases, we take over all of your other monthly financial obligations regarding the property on your behalf that may include; property taxes, property insurance, monthly strata fees as well as any repair and maintenance costs.

Our Mortgage Relief Solutions & Benefits:

  • We Relieve You of Your Financial Stress Around Real Estate
  • You Do Not Have to Make Anymore Mortgage Payments On the Property
  • We Do Not Charge You Any Fees or Commissions
  • You Do Not Have to Make Any Repairs to the House or Continue to Perform Any Upkeep or Maintenance
  • If You Are a Landlord, You Do Not Have to Deal With Anymore Landlord Tenant Disputes, Tenancy Issues, Tenant Problems or Paying for Vacancies
  • We Take Over and You Move On

We are a privately owned Real Estate Investment Company. We initially started in Real Estate Investing and evolved into a Company that specializes in taking over real estate mortgage payments and property management for people who require a solution to their mortgage and property situation.

Today, we successfully take over mortgages and properties and provide immediate solutions that enable people who need to move on from their situation to keep their former monthly mortgage payment in their pocket or bank account. We take over the mortgage payment and the house associated with it and you move on. Simple. Not complex.

We encourage and advise all new clients who inquire about our Mortgage Take Over Program to ensure that you have researched all options that may be available to solve your current mortgage and house situation. If other options have not worked out or make no financial sense to you, our Take Over House Payments Program may be your solution. If you need immediate mortgage relief and can no longer make your mortgage payments, contact us regarding our Mortgage Relief Program 604-812-3718.

Our Mortgage Relief Program is designed for the Homeowner or investor who wants out of paying an unmanageable or unwanted mortgage payment but wants to protect any equity they may have along with protecting their credit.

In today’s challenging real estate market, a house or investment property can be difficult to sell, even at a substantial price reduction and especially houses that can’t be sold on the conventional market through a realtor along with the ongoing carrying costs associated with these properties: mortgage expense, property tax expense, insurance expense, maintenance and repairs.

GVCPS: Your Solution Partner For  – Take Over My Mortgage Payments & Who Takes Over Mortgage Payments Foreclosure

We don’t know how many months you have been looking for a solution to your situation. Don’t let your mortgage and property situation become a liability. Contact us, especially if you have questions. We are available 7 days per week including evenings until 9:00 pm 604-812-3718. You can also contact us 24 hours a day through our Confidential Sell-to-Us Form (click here).